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The secrets of modelling massage.

Shaping massage: take care of your beauty

Shaping massage is a treatment that aims to restore tone and elasticity of the muscles. It is a type of therapy that also facilitates weight loss thanks to its firming and toning action.

The hectic and sedentary life you are subjected to every day results in fatigue, swelling and heaviness in both legs and abdomen. Standing or sitting for long periods of time increases this fatigue and consequently the stagnation of fluid in the abdomen and legs. The result will be severe fatigue, pain and discomfort.

Toning massage remedies this problem by stimulating areas that have lost flexibility. It is a type of firming massage that acts at the skin and subcutaneous level, helping the body regain tone.

Discover the manoeuvres and benefits of the modelling massage!

Firming massage manoeuvres: which ones really work?

The manoeuvres of the firming massage are aimed at stimulating fluid drainage. Therefore, grazing techniques are used on the muscle strips with movements from the bottom upwards. The strokes stimulate blood and lymph circulation, thus improving cell oxygenation and invigorating weakened areas.

Areas with a sagging appearance are not only touched, but also rubbed, scrubbed and pressed, alternating between a weak and strong rhythm. The most effective manoeuvres are the drum technique and the pinching technique, both of which have the effect of stimulating the skin's properties. Each of these techniques has different movements depending on the target and purpose.

The 'drum' technique

The drum technique is practised with concave hands, tapping energetically on the muscles. Starting from the bottom and proceeding in the direction of the heart, fast percussion and tapping are used to stimulate the blood circulation. It is an instrument that helps your body regain the elasticity and tone that it has lost following weight loss or pregnancy. Thanks to this technique, you can shape and define your silhouette.

The 'pinching' technique

The pinching technique is practised by pinching the skin with gentle pressure. The technique consists of grasping the skin of the belly with one or two hands and sliding it between the fingers, usually thumb and forefinger. Little pressure should be applied to avoid bruising and haematomas. It is advisable to use oils and creams to moisturise the skin and make the massage more effective. It is a firming massage technique that helps the body drain excess fluid.

Shaping massage: the benefits for body and mind

Modelling massage brings many benefits.

Those who undergo this treatment gain physical and mental benefits:

  • More elastic and radiant skin;
  • Firmer skin;
  • Active muscle system;
  • Weight loss;
  • More defined silhouette;
  • Stimulates metabolism;
  • It melts grease;
  • Drains excess fluid;
  • It increases self-confidence;
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.

The toning massage works mainly on the thighs, breasts, abdomen and buttocks. Consistency in work can bring you great results, especially if you combine shaping massage with a healthy diet.

Treat yourself to a weekend at facilities that offer this type of wellness package; thanks to the experts, you can restore your body's elasticity and feel good.

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