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Manuela Shala Method against Cancer

Lymph drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is the first manual lymphatic massage technique invented in the first half of the 20th century by Mr and Mrs Vodder (Emil and Estrid)What is Lymphatic Drainage?
What is it used for?
What are its benefits for the health and well-being of the human body?Its aim is to reactivate the lymphatic circulation and prevent the stagnation of liquids in the human body.In this sense, lymphatic drainage massage is still widely used today to prevent and combat the formation of cellulite precisely because of its ability to encourage the release of excess liquids accumulating in the adipose tissue.Manual lymphatic drainage, if carried out by adequately trained operators, can be used both alongside medical therapies and as an aesthetic support to resolve many issues.Its main effects are:

  • anti-oedematous effect, against swelling, stagnation and cellulite and for the treatment of rheumatic joint disorders;
  • effect on the immune system: in all cases where the immune system is to be helped in the recovery of post-operative wounds that are not in an acute phase, in cases of pregnancy oedemas, in water retention;
  • healing effect;
  • improvement of microcirculation, promoting greater oxygenation of tissues and visibly improving their appearance;
  • relaxing effect, due to the characteristic lightness of the touching manoeuvres used;
  • regenerating effect Excellent as a supportive massage to treat lymphoedema of the arm (one of the most common consequences of breast cancer treatments) with the aim of providing support in improving the quality of life of women fighting breast cancer.


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