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Abdominoplasty and Manuela Shala Method

Immediately after abdominoplasty surgery, one of the most prevalent aspects that often worries patients is the management of edema. Edema refers to swelling caused by an accumulation of fluid within the interstitial spaces.

Edema represents the first inflammatory response with which the body faces surgical trauma and in abdominoplasty large muscle and fascial compartments are detached. During the operation many lymphatic vessels are cut, which is why it is necessary to wear a specific elastic compression girdle immediately after the operation. The reabsorption time of the swelling is very variable, ranging from 30 days post-operative to a few months and the patient often feels discomfort and worry because the aesthetic aspect is also affected, together with the annoying heaviness under the umbilical or sometimes even in the suprapubic region. Obviously the swelling as well as the reabsorption depend on the person's own factors and on complications that may have occurred, for example very loose skin typical of post-bariatric diastasis will produce more edema than those with more compact skin.

But there is absolutely no need to be discouraged!

There are specific lymphatic drainage massages that the professional can perform in agreement with the plastic surgeon. One of the most decisive and complete massages is the Manuela Shala Method. After the operation, in agreement with your plastic surgeon, you can undergo lymphatic drainage massage sessions according to the Manuela Shala method and help your body eliminate toxins, waste and bad liquid.

And not only!

Manuela Shala's method, in addition to helping to eliminate bad liquids from your body, will also help your healing. In fact, lymphatic drainage massages have an important characteristic in helping post-operative healing


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    Hi, you have an office in Genoa, I'm interested in doing the treatments and would like to know the costs, I've had adominoplasty done for about 3 months

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