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Manuela Shala Draining Massage

What is this all about?

Do you suffer from swollen, heavy legs, cellulite, skin laxity? Abdomen with intestinal problems, water retention? To combat everything one of the most suitable treatments is the lymph drainage.

But not only that! The Manuela Shala method has gone much further. Irregular cycles, psychological discomfort, constipation, abdominal pain and much more will be a memory thanks to the special technique devised by Manuela Shala.

The techniques of lymphatic drainage act directly on oedema, activating blood and lymphatic circulation: it is one of the most effective treatments for draining the body and reducing fluid stagnation.

Have you ever experienced a feeling of numbness or even that your clothes felt tighter at the end of the day? These could be consequences of a water retention problem, especially if you spend many hours a day sitting or standing.  

The method devised by Manuela Shala lymphatic drainage is performed by the team formed by the creator at Reves de Femme, who, with special fast movements and manual pumping, will stimulate the tissues and thus promote the elimination of harmful and stagnant body fluids, reducing swelling and cellulite. 

Did you know that the human body retains an average of 4 to 6 litres/kg of toxic liquids full of toxins and waste? These elements cause our lymphatic system to often suffer, generating a series of reactions starting from simple swelling to more common pathologies. Edema, water retention, cellulite, weakened immune system, constipation, abdominal pain are just a few aspects of a malfunctioning of our lymphatic system

At Reves de Femme Milan, where Manuela conducted her studies and launched her eponymous method, you can try out her incredible Made in Italy technique that is becoming popular with stars and VIPs all over the world. 

From the very first massage, you will feel a pleasant sensation of lightness, your body will be relieved of the feeling of heaviness more deflated and your metabolism will speed up, which can help you if you are pursuing a slimming goal.

We reveal more. It only takes 3 sessions of the Manuela Shala method combined with a correct lifestyle to achieve one size less!!!!

YES you got it right! one size less! By draining bad liquids, Manuela Shala's method will promote the production of new lymph! and new lymph means less swelling, less retention, a healthy and functional body.

The Manuela Shala Method is an innovation in the field of lymphatic drainage and is to date the only treatment most suitable for solving problems related to fluid retention, cellulite and leg swelling, and problems with the lymphatic system .

The Lymphatic MS Method serves to drain fluids from areas of the body where they stagnate (usually the extremities), brings about an inflammation that stimulates their expulsion and makes the stagnation disappear little by little.

This treatment significantly helps to counteract cellulite e orange peel skin and skin with laxity and provide relief in the case of problems with the arterial and venous circulatory system: the treatment in fact works on swellings by moving liquids decisively towards the lymphatic hubs to facilitate their natural expulsion.

Thanks to its anti-oedematous action, the MS lymph drainage method is also very useful for treating joint, extra-joint and rheumatic pain. It also helps in wound healing, and post-surgery by oxygenating the tissues and improving microcirculation. 

The effects of the Manuela Shala Method are:

    • anti-oedematous effect;
    • effect on the immune system;
    • healing effect;
    • effect on post-surgery adrerences
    • oxygenates tissue and improves microcirculation;
    • relaxing effect;
    • improves microcirculation and is useful in cases of skin diseases;
    • anti-acne effect
    •  regularising effect on the menstrual cycle
    • effect on increased metabolism
    • effect on skin laxity following pregnancies and sudden weight changes
    • effect on stretch marks
    • silhouette-shaping effect
    • improves sleep quality
    • combats led eliminates cellulite
    • effect on water retention
    • improves intestinal transit
    • effect on constipation problems
    • effect for post-surgery
    • effect on diseases of the lymphatic system
    • effect on elastin and collagen production
    • effect on toning and firming the skin
    • effect on fat deposits 
    • anti-ageing effect
    • stimulates the restoration of energy balance in body and mind.

Already from the first treatment you will notice regenerated, firmer skin, improved skin tone, fewer cm and more! 


Lymph drainage is recommended for everyone, and is indispensable for keeping the body healthy!

The MS method for lymphatic drainage is recommended for combat the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, due to the accumulation and stagnation of liquids that cause water retention. For regenerating intestinal activity and improving quality of life

Lymph drainage is also an excellent aid for athletes: after intense sporting activity, the lymph capillaries are suppressed by muscle compression, the MS Lymphatic Drainage Method promotes fatigue, accelerates recovery, and eliminates bad fluid stagnation, stimulating the production of new lymph.


The Manuela Shala lymph drainage method session lasts 50 minutes per treated area (legs, abdomen, face, arms).


Together we will assess the number of sessions needed and their duration depending on your situation and the goals to be achieved. 

Generally, 5 to 10 sessions are recommended for optimal results.

The modelling massage in combination with the body drainage massage is designed to deflate and shape the adipocytes and thus reposition fat in a controlled manner, modelling the contours of your silhouette. 

The manual modelling MS Method redefines your body like clay, kneading, pinching and gliding over your skin: it was designed by the creator gs aesthetic sense to enhance your strengths.

Thetreatment is completely manual and is based on special manoeuvres of touching and detaching the muscle bands, with movements that generate a real shifting of the fat: the modelling method follows and respects the direction of the lymphatic system, improving the oxygenation of the cells.In this way, weakened areas regain toneand elasticity, the skin is more radiant and the muscular system is reactivated.


Treatment benefits

Did you know that the human body retains an average of 4 to 6 litres/kg of toxic liquids full of toxins and waste? These elements cause our lymphatic system to often go into distress, generating a series of reactions that start from simple swelling to more common pathologies. Oedemas, cellulite, weakened immune system, constipation, abdominal pain are just a few aspects of a malfunctioning of our lymphatic system.

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