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Manuela Shala Modelling Massage

What is this all about?

How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror thinking that it would be great to take some mass off your belly and move it to your hips or vice versa? In reality, you are not dreaming of something unattainable: with Manuela Shala's Shaping Massage you can reshape your body in the truest sense of the word by moving fat to the 'right places'.

The modelling massage in combination with the body draining massage is designed to shape the adipocytes and thus reposition fat in a controlled manner, modelling the contours of your silhouette. 

Manuela, with the manual modelling treatment, moulds your body like clay, kneading, pinching and gliding over your skin: ghanks to her aesthetic sense, you will be able to enhance your strengths.

The treatment is completely manual and is based on grazing techniques of the muscle strips, with movements that go from the bottom to the top generating a real fat shift:the grazing effectively stimulates theblood and lymphatic circulation, improving the oxygenation of the cells.In thisway, weakened areas regain toneand elasticity, the skin is more radiant and the muscular system is reactivated.

The modelling/draining body massage also stimulates the metabolism and promotes weight loss: the result is a leaner, more defined silhouette. The special feature of this treatment is precisely that it shapes the adipocytes and makes the laxed skin plump and vigorous again.


The body modelling massage is recommended on thighs, abdomen and buttocks. It is particularly suitable for women, because it treats areas where fat is concentrated and water retention is formed due to oestrogen.

Following a major weight loss or pregnancy, body shaping massage helps regain tone and elasticity, shapes and redefines the silhouette.


The body modelling treatment lasts 50 minutes, with visible improvements already from the first session.


To maintain the results obtained and have a perfect silhouette, treatments should be carried out constantly, combined with physical exercise and a balanced diet.

Treatment benefits

The modelling massage performed in combo with the draining massage allows unprecedented results. Shiluette more defined, less love handles, shaping and displacement of adipocytes, improved stretch marks, firmer and more elastic skin.

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