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Manuela Shala has revolutionised the world of massage with her miraculous method. Developed by fusing the most ancient massage techniques and studies on lymphatic drainage. Born and raised in Italy, she began her apprenticeship by travelling and discovering the latest that the world of aesthetics had to offer. Even at a very young age, she was able to experiment and develop revolutionary advanced beauty techniques. Semi-permanent make-up, artistic tattoos, Advanced face & skin care, Reves Lips, are just a small part of the creations that Manuela Shala has perfected and brought to the Old Continent. 

She has worked with the best international spas where she has been able to cultivate her passion for the body. She has always sought ideas, techniques, studies as well as comparisons with the best holistic practitioners, which have led her to experiment with innovative manoeuvres, movements and manipulations of the body.

Before coming up with her miraculous Draining and Shaping Massage 'Manuela Shala Method' that offers immediate and absolutely incredible results, she wanted to go further. 

Manuela undertook private medical studies and approached her method by interfacing with the best international clinicians. 

Manuela Shala's dream was not simply to provide an immediate result! her greatest aspiration was to bring well-being and health to the human body. In fact, her motto is: I don't want to change people! I simply want to help them get better and feel better about themselves and the universe.

Manuela's technique not only offers immediate results, but also long-term results. Cellulite, orange peel skin, water retention, reactivation of the metabolism, elimination of toxins, are just some of the peculiarities of this miraculous technique. 

Thanks to her successful results around the world, Manuela Shala has decided to launch her first international training courses, allowing everyone to get closer to her fantastic world as well as to offer a valuable and luxurious treatment to your customers.

Manuela Shala trainings

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Draining Massage

Special manoeuvres and movements will cause your body to eliminate excess fluid.

Modelling Massage

Movements and holds not that anatomical knowledge will allow you to sculpt your body.

Divine Face

Special movements will reshape and drain your client's face.


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