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What is this all about?

Divine Face is the result of many hours of study and work.

It consists of remodelling the facial contour, oxygenating the tissues, flattening and smoothing wrinkles.

After just one session, you will look younger and fresher. Not only that! Excess liquids will be disposed of by your body with special manual manoeuvres and the production of new lymph will be stimulated.

In addition to facial drainage, special manoeuvres devised by Manuela Shala will reshape parts of the face for a younger, fresher appearance.

The benefits of the Divine Face are manifold, starting from the outward side and going as far as the strengthening of the immune system through the production of T lymphocytes and consequently the prevention of seasonal diseases. 

Manuela Shala's method and her study and knowledge of human anatomy have made massages using the Manuela Shala method very popular in the worlds of entertainment, sport and fashion.

His 'miracle' massages are appreciated by many famous international stars and known all over the world. This technique is functional from the very first session, relaxing the body, face and relieving the muscles.


The Divine Face massage is recommended for restoring your psycho-physical balance. The massage is of great help in times of particular stress and is a curative and preventive therapy.
We recommend a treatment whenever you feel exhausted and your body and soul are unable to regain stability and balance.
The Divine Face massage is also very effective in the long term: by working on tensions and stress, it helps you to face small, major daily events with greater lightness, and prevents the accumulation of further negativity, toxins and waste. By performing the Divine Face regularly 'every three to four weeks' your face will look brighter and younger.


The treatment lasts about 50 minutes.


Don't wait for your body and mind to go to the limit. Treat yourself to a regular draining facial massage to give you shine and relaxation as well as reshaping of the facial contour.

Treatment benefits

The body shaping massage also stimulates the metabolism and promotes weight loss: the result is a leaner, more defined silhouette. The special feature of this treatment is that it eliminates excess fat and reduces appetite and hunger pangs.

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