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Manuela Shala, an expert in the most innovative techniques in the world of 'advanced aesthetics and wellness, puts her experience and knowledge at your disposal. Manuela, with the dream of improving and giving people wellness, has developed, in collaboration with the best professionals in the field innovative massage techniques, blossoming in July 2021 with the revolutionary Lymphomodeling Massage Method. All this has enabled Manuela to achieve incredible results from the very first session, both from the point of view of exterior and inner well-being. The excellence and quality of LymphoModeling Massage was born in Italy and then expanded to the rest of the world in a short time. The qualities, benefits of the Manuela Shala Linfomodellante method have resulted in millions of Women around the world regaining their self-esteem and fitness.

LymphoModeling® Massage

The world's first, incredibly effective method that from the very first session eliminates excess fluid and reshapes the Shiluette.

Divine Face Massage

Extraordinary maneuvers created to transform your face, giving an incredible Anti-Age effect.

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The LymphoModeling® method devised by Manuela Shala is a revolutionary technique that puts the manual approach to the body back at the center of attention. A concept adapted to modern times, lifestyles to eating habits. A unique protocol designed on the physiology, lymphology and anatomy

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International Courses
International courses in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Croatian languages.
Manuela Shala's training will project you into the knowledge of the human body. There are no standard maneuvers, no standardized protocols. The starting condition of each individual is different from the other, Compromised Lymphatic System, Enlarged Lymph Nodes, state of obesity, skin texture, lifestyle are just some theoretical aspects of the Manuela Shala course. By choosing to train with Manuela, one will not become a masseuse or holistic practitioner, but well become a true THERAPIST who will be able to recognize their client's blemishes and be able to indicate both the paths and methodologies of the method to be applied, to offer maximum professionalism, immediate and LONG-TERM results.

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Becoming an MS therapist will take your work to another dimension. Great professionalism and prestige


Manuela flies courses weekly in major European cities. Milan, Rome, Paris, Marseille, Madrid, Zagreb, Lisbon.

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Thanks to this revolutionary technique, you can offer an exclusive treatment to your customers and get your business off the ground.


Once you have taken the course you can repeat it for free so that you can refine and improve. Quality first!

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