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Manuela Shala, an expert in the most innovative advanced aesthetics and wellness techniques, puts her experience and knowledge at your disposal. Manuela, with the dream of improving and giving well-being to people, has developed innovative draining and modelling massage techniques in collaboration with the best professionals in the sector. All this has enabled Manuela to achieve results from both an exterior and interior point of view. The excellence and quality of the draining massage has never been reproduced by anyone. The qualities, the benefits of the Manuela Shala method have made millions of women around the world regain their self-esteem.

Draining Massage

Special manoeuvres and movements will cause your body to eliminate excess fluid.

Modelling Massage

Movements and holds not that anatomical knowledge will allow you to sculpt your body.

Divine Face

Special movements will reshape and drain your client's face.

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Abdominoplasty and the Manuela Shala Method

Immediately after abdominoplasty surgery, one of the most preponderant aspects that often worries patients is the management of oedema. Oedema is swelling caused by an accumulation of fluid within the interstitial spaces. Oedema is the first inflammatory response with which the body deals with surgical trauma, and in abdominoplasty, large amounts of fluid are dislodged ...

Manuela Shala Method against Cancer

Lymphatic Drainage Lymphatic drainage is the first manual lymphatic massage technique invented in the first half of the 20th century by Mr. and Mrs. Vodder (Emil and Estrid)What is Lymphatic Drainage? What is it for? What are its benefits for the health and well-being of the human body? Its aim is to reactivate the lymphatic circulation and prevent lymphatic stagnation.

The secrets of modelling massage.

Shaping massage: take care of your beauty Shaping massage is a treatment that aims to restore tone and elasticity of the muscles. It is a type of therapy that also facilitates weight loss thanks to its firming and toning action. The hectic and sedentary life you are subjected to every day results in ...

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Manuela Shala® Milan (Accredited & Certified ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

The following centers are directly part of the Manuela Shala staff. You will be served by individually and rigorously trained professionals (Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, and Physiotherapists) to provide you with the best of the Manuela Shala Brand in terms of treatment quality.

Rome Holistic Center (Accredited ⭐️⭐️⭐️)

This type of activity will offer you all the excellence and quality of the Manuela Shala method. All therapists in this category have been selected and double-trained, experienced and are referenced not that they have performed a direct examination with Manuela Shala herself in order to be Accredited as Manuela Shala Method Premium Therapists

Therapist Manuela Shala® Milan

This typology therapist participated in the Manuela Shala training.

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The Manuela Shala method is a fusion of fantastic massage techniques from the Vodder method to the Leduc method, which in just one session will help your body and dispose of excess fluid while simultaneously shaping your body. In addition to the results, the Manuela Shala method will enable you to activate your metabolism, microcirculate, reduce cellulite and transform bad lymph into good, healthy lymph.

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Training Course
Training Course Programme. From theory to practice.

Manuela Shala's training will take you into the knowledge of the human body. There are no standard manoeuvres, no standardised protocols. Every individual's starting condition is different, compromised lymphatic system, enlarged lymph nodes, state of obesity, skin texture, lifestyle are just some of the theoretical aspects of the Manuela Shala course. By choosing to train with Manuela, you will not become a masseuse or holistic practitioner, but a true THERAPIST who will be able to recognise your client's imperfections and will be able to indicate both the pathways and methodologies to be applied, to offer maximum professionalism, immediate and LONG-TERM results,

The lymphatic system and its peculiarities. Importance of the lymph nodes. The art of organ unblocking. Toxic fluid full of waste and toxins. Lymph and the stimulation of T-lymphocyte production. 

Checking the lymph nodes, anamnesis of the client and her lymphatic system, starting status, recognising pathologies and incorrect lifestyles, adapting the correct method (Lymphatic Drainage-Modelling) according to the client's skin type and history, are the basis for the success of the Manuela Shala method.

Explanation of protocol based on the client's knowledge and anamnesis, unblocking and unblocking stations, cardinal points and application of theoretical notions and direct demonstration on a model of the manuela Shala method. Detailed demonstration of surgical manoeuvres, setting and posture, technical and scientific explanation of each manoeuvre performed on the model. 

Lymph node check and subject type. Getting to know the client and checking the lymphatic status through the check. (more info in training)

Basics of photography, methods and how to shoot the best before and after. (more details in training)

Start of practice on models (2 models) provided by the organisation, with application of theoretical notions. 

Practice on a model is assisted by Manuela Shala and her assistants. Adjustment of pressure, rhythm and speed, precision, sense of the sap to the outflow stations, application of the theoretical protocol and much more (more info in training)

At the end of the practical test, photos of each trainee's performance will be taken.

Final Breafing! With questions, trivia and answers. 

Marketing and networking on the (Find your therapist) site, which enjoys 40,000 unique visits per month searching for a therapist across Europe. 

Certificate delivery!

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You can book your first massage session in Milan at the Reves de Femme studio.


Manuela Shala organises trainings in major European cities. Rome, Milan, Paris, London, Marseille.

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Thanks to this revolutionary technique, you can offer an exclusive treatment to your customers and get your business off the ground.

On site or at home?

With Manuela Shala's training, you will have the opportunity to start working right away. You will choose whether to apply the SM method in the booth or at home.

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