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Divine Face the magic in expression

What is the Divine Face?

The Divine Face is a natural extension of the Manuela Shala method. LinfoModellante®️ face. With a protocol that is nothing short of surgical, it lends itself to being the most comprehensive and resolving facial treatment known to date. Draining and shaping maneuvers encapsulated in a magical protocol will give you a younger, healthier look from the very first session.


An art that is suitable for any age.

The Divine Face is designed to give the best at any age. Localized retention, wrinkles, cellular aging, , facial contouring, skin imperfections of various kinds. A single treatment that can adapt to all needs.

The LymphoModeling® concept reproduced on the face neck and decollete.

A dedicated protocol to restore physiological balance. Specific, meticulous, surgical maneuvers will create a true natural revolution for your face. The elimination of toxic buildup will give space and new lymph. New lymph will bring vitality, well-being, and a fresher, more youthful appearance with a lifting sensation using only hands and oil.

Benefits of the method

Immediately smoothes out wrinkles

Lymphomodeling maneuvers will ensure that the wrinkles on your face will be less pronounced and smoother. This will be sustained over time.

Promotes lymphatic function in the face

Waste, toxins will be escorted to the relevant lymphatic stations to make room for new lymph. New lymph means regeneration and a more functional immune system.

More defined facial contour

Special maneuvers will sculpt the contour of the face by draining and shaping what time and lifestyle have changed.

Effective against active acne

A dedicated protocol will help your face flush and receive naturally balanced hydrolipid film

Prevents seasonal discomfort.

With lymphatic interchange and elimination of waste and toxins, a stronger immune response is achieved than in an undrained face.

Model and Drena

With special LymphoModeling® maneuvers, it works mind-blowingly on drooping eyelid, facial contour, wrinkles, cheeks and all areas where the adipose organ is present.

Still benefits.

Against the stains of time

Super effective against spots due to hyperpigmentation from excess melanin. Great results from the very first session.

Oxygenates and gives shine

A unique treatment that will give a younger, fresher look to your face that will last over time. It acts synergistically on blackheads enlarged pores acne scars skin imperfections of various kinds.Unique protocol in the world designed for all ages.

Fully manual

The secret of the Divine Face is in the application of specific maneuvers meticulously designed to give a unique experience tailored to any age.

Divine Face the best all-around facial massage

In addition to giving an incredible aesthetic appearance, the Divine Face thanks to the strengthening of the immune system prevents seasonal ailments, oxygenates tissues, eliminates edema and stagnation, helps the respiratory tract, reduces puffiness and dark circles stimulates collagen synthesis and elasticity in the treated areas all with the help of only Hands and Oil.


International courses

From the launch of the Method to its success, because of the results it brought on thousands of people, I decided to make it accessible worldwide. As of today, the Method is known worldwide and continues to expand. I am immensely happy that people from all over the earth can continue to benefit from this fantastic method. I employ first-rate professionals when it comes to simultaneous translation of my courses. Interpreters follow me everywhere and I can offer a full 360-degree educational service. In Milan (Italy) training takes place in Italian and English, in Rome Italian and Spanish, in France, Portugal and Spain I offer the super professionalism of simultaneous interpreting in the mother tongue.

Rely on certified therapists

The Manuela Shala Method is not a simple massage. It is a true Elixir of professionalism and knowledge of the human body and its lymphatic system. Each certified and recognized Manuela Shala therapist(s) will be able to show you the best path to get the best result. On my site you will find only therapist(s) certified and recognized by Manuela Shala. Visit the find your therapist area now and book your first session.