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Welcome to the new LinfoModellante® era

Manuela Shala, expert in the most innovative techniques in the world of advanced aesthetics and well-being, puts her experience and knowledge at your disposal. Manuela, with the dream of improving and giving well-being to people, has developed, in collaboration with the best professionals in the sector, innovative massage techniques, blossoming in July 2021 with the revolutionary Lymphomodelling Massage Method. All this allowed Manuela to obtain incredible results starting from the first session, both from an external and internal well-being point of view. The excellence and quality of LinfoModellante massage was born in Italy and then expanded to the rest of the world in a short time. The qualities and benefits of the Manuela Shala Lymphomodelling method have meant that millions of women around the world have regained their self-esteem and physical fitness.

Lymph-Modeling® Massage

Manuela Shala's Lymph Modeling method is a perfect fusion of draining and modeling massage techniques performed in a single 50-minute session. Touches, kneading, pinching, knowledge of the human body, application of logical concepts and lymphatic patterns will mean that any type of body can be drained and shaped instantly. This explosive mix, perfectly studied, will lead your body to eliminate toxic liquids accumulated over time, bringing countless benefits including an improvement in intestinal and hormonal transit, a toned, drained silhouette and much more. The modeling maneuvers will cause the body to undergo immense changes, reshaping the waistline and critical points, eliminating cellulite and loose skin. All this in a single session.

Divine Face Massage

Divine Face is a special 50-minute massage that affects the face, neck and décolleté. Special "LinfoModellanti" draining and modeling maneuvers designed by Manuela Shala will ensure that the appearance of the face will have an immediate rejuvenating booster. But this is only the beginning of a process that will be triggered by this massage. Smoothing of wrinkles, long-term stimulation of collagen and elastin, double chin, edema, decongesting process of active acne, rosacea, sun spots, strengthening of the immune system, prevention of seasonal ailments, reduction of bags and dark circles, eyelid lifting, reshaping of the oval and cheekbones. For the first time in history, we have managed to create a complete and completely manual protocol with instant results.

Advantages of the course

Post-course assistance

You will have a number reserved for trained therapists where you will find support relating to the method. Furthermore, you will be included in a Telegram news channel where you will always be updated on the method and its evolution.

You will be registered on our site

The Find Your Therapist area is visited by approximately 40k people per month looking for a therapist in their area. This will help you grow and take off your business.

You will be able to use our material

We will provide you with the possibility of using our digital material for free and we will provide you with digital material to be able to create advertising such as totems, stands, brochures and flyers.

We are present on all social networks

Thanks to the important marketing investment on a certain number of digital platforms, you too will be able to benefit from customer interest at no cost. Our customers will become yours.

You will have videos so you can practice

Once the course is over you can register in the area reserved for you therapists where you can view the videos so you can continue practicing and become increasingly cutting edge.

You can take the course again for free

We will give you the opportunity to take the course again for free and improve yourself even more. We believe in our method and we are certain of your success. We are picky and want to be sure that our success will be yours!

Who is the course aimed at? How do I book?

The Manuela Shala method course is aimed at everyone . We train any professional figure. Massage therapists, physiotherapists, beauticians, doctors, osteopaths, holistic masseurs and above all professional conversions. We are supporters of professional reconversion as it allows us to recycle ourselves and offer maximum professionalism. We have hundreds of successful cases who today are active and practicing professionals all over the world.
To book your training, simply click on one of the many buttons on this page (BOOK COURSE) , choose the date, location and pay the confirmation deposit. All the details relating to prices , conditions and payments can be found in the application form at the following link.

Becoming an MS therapist will take your work to another dimension. Great professionalism and prestige


Manuela holds weekly courses in the main European cities. Milan, Rome, Paris, Marseille, Madrid, Zagreb, Lisbon.


Thanks to this revolutionary technique you will be able to offer an exclusive treatment to your customers and make your business take off.


Once you have completed the course you can repeat it for free to perfect and improve. Quality first of all!

The best course in the world

Manuela Shala's training will offer you everything that no other course will ever be able to offer you. A theoretical preparation (lymphatic system, lymph nodes, adipocytes, lymphoid organs, lymphoid stations, lymph are just some aspects of everything that will be transmitted to you in the theoretical part. Numerous models will be made available to you to apply the protocol. At least 3 models will be made available by Manuela who will assist you step by step in your full immersion. All phases of the massage will be projected on a large screen to give you the opportunity to follow all the maneuvers to the letter. You will have the opportunity to follow the training on the large screen.

The press talks about me

Wondernet magazine

Manuela Shala: «With my method I help people improve themselves and feel better about themselves»

Marie Claire


361 Magazine


Training course program. From theory to practice.
Manuela Shala's training will project you into the knowledge of the human body. There are no standard maneuvers or standardized protocols. The starting condition of each individual is different from the other, compromised lymphatic system, swollen lymph nodes, state of obesity, skin texture, lifestyle are just some theoretical aspects of the Manuela Shala course. By choosing to train with Manuela, you will not become a masseuse or holistic operator, but a real THERAPIST who will be able to recognize the blemishes of your client and will be able to indicate both the paths and methodologies of the method to be applied, to offer maximum professionalism and immediate results. and in the LONG TERM,

Options and prices

Option 1 Lymphomodelling body method

A day and a half course. You will have the completeness of the MS Lymphomodelling body meditation and you will be able to apply all the tools in a fantastic combo of a single 50 minute session. The revolution of the method. Cost €3300.00

Option 2 Premium body and face lymphomodelling

Two day course. Premium training. Body and face. Everything you need to become a Premium therapist having all the tools to work on the entire body and face as well as all types of subjects. Cost €4200.00

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