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LymphoModeling® the revolution...

What is the LymphoModeling® method?

In order to describe this magical, totally manual technique one would have to write a book. The essence of this method consists in merging in a single massage session an ad hoc protocol designed by me, draining and shaping maneuvers will ensure that the result of this magical session will offer multiple benefits to the human body. A single session will promote the production of new lymph by eliminating the old one and through special maneuvers, will act on adipose accumulations reshaping the Shiluette

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The power of drainage

My protocol based on zone work, which is unique in the world, is mainly to give long-term benefit to the human body. The aesthetic and visual effect is accompanied by the beneficial aspect. The method brings the body to a sudden elimination of waste and toxins by promoting the production of NewLymph by restarting and improving normal physiological mechanisms. Having new lymph means awakening the metabolism, fighting blemishes, strengthening the immune system, and having a more functional body.

When drainage merges with shaping

In this case, magic happens. The two techniques will cause the human body to dispose of excess waste and toxins and begin to take shape. Lax skin, love handles, stretch marks, everything will begin to return to shape as there will be increased synthesis of collagen and elastin. A right course, combined with a healthy lifestyle will ensure that you will begin to lose inches and your skin will be firmer and more compact.

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Benefits of the method

Strengthening of immune defenses

By eliminating stagnation we make room for nutrient-rich new blood for a healthier and more functional body.

Awakening and increasing metabolism

A well-drained body will have better function being that it will be deprived of toxic impediments and stagnation.

Eficcace against constipation

Targeted maneuvers designed to support and unblock intestinal transit, making your bowel function more regular.

Significant increase in urinary flow

After the first session you will continue in the days to follow to eliminate waste and toxins through: the urinary tract feces and sweating.

Rebalancing the hormonal cycle

Thousands of testimonials have stated the regularization of the hormonal cycle and not only will feel that the period of menstruation will be less painful and you will feel more deflated!

Loss of size

We found already after the first session the loss of inches due to the improved operation brought to the body resulting in a more functional lymphatic system.

Still benefits.

Minimizes white and red stretch marks

With an ad hoc designed protocol, in fusion with specific maneuvers, collagen synthesis and elasticity will be stimulated, minimizing annoying stretch marks.

Eliminates the feeling of swelling in the legs and abdomen

Manuela Shala's protocol will cause the abdomen, legs, face, and arms to have a drier drained appearance, along with a wonderful feeling of lightness.

Fights and eliminates cellulite

Water retention, edema, orange peel skin, cellulite in all its forms (edematous, fibrous etc.) will be just a bad memory with the LymphoModeling® method

Effective on lax skin

Special, studied maneuvers will make the skin more relaxed, toned and firm, locally stimulating increased collagen and elastin synthesis.

Acts effectively in cases of abdominal diastasis

A dedicated LymphoModeling® protocol will bring improvements to your distasis by reducing the opening of the rectus abdominis in centimeters, starting from the first session.

Ideal pre and post surgery

The LymphoModeling® method will be able to support you in the post-operative phase, preventing the formation of anti-aesthetic fibrosis, hollows, bumps, edema, and fluid stasis that can form in the post-operative phase.

Divine Face the best all-around facial massage

In addition to giving an incredible aesthetic appearance, the Divine Face thanks to the strengthening of the immune system prevents seasonal ailments, oxygenates tissues, eliminates edema and stagnation, helps the respiratory tract, and reduces puffiness and dark circles by bringing about greater collagen synthesis and elasticity with only the help of Hands and Oil.


International courses

From the launch of the Method to its success, because of the results it brought on thousands of people, I decided to make it accessible worldwide. As of today, the Method is known worldwide and continues to expand. I am immensely happy that people from all over the earth can continue to benefit from this fantastic method. I employ first-rate professionals when it comes to simultaneous translation of my courses. Interpreters follow me everywhere and I can offer a full 360-degree educational service. In Milan (Italy) training takes place in Italian and English, in Rome Italian and Spanish, in France, Portugal and Spain I offer the super professionalism of simultaneous interpreting in the mother tongue.

Rely on certified therapists

The Manuela Shala Method is not a simple massage. It is a true Elixir of professionalism and knowledge of the human body and its lymphatic system. Each certified and recognized Manuela Shala therapist(s) will be able to show you the best path to get the best result. On my site you will find only therapist(s) certified and recognized by Manuela Shala. Visit the find your therapist area now and book your first session.