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Trained Therapists

All the MS THERAPISTs on this site are professional and recognised by Manuela Shala. They are not mere masseuses but experts in your well-being.

Starting price

The basic price of the Manuela Shala method is 120€ per area and 50-minute session. Be wary of those who ask for less. Spending less means less quality and less professionalism. MS therapists are professionals in the field.

Do you want the best?

Within this aera you will find accredited Premium therapists. To become a Premium therapist, one must have experience, professionalism, and above all, be Accredited by Manuela herself, who has put the therapists through first-rate tests and examinations to offer a treatment as if she had made it with her own hands. *Area available as of February 1, 2024*

Find your Therapist

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On this page you will find all the therapists trained in the Manuela Shala method. Each Manuela Shala therapist is a professional in the field. Do you want an Accredited and Premium Certified therapist from Manuela Shala? Do you want to receive treatment from an experienced practitioner who has passed very difficult tests in order to obtain this certification?

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